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Control B is an autonomous recording & mix environment, capable of working completely independent of productions utilizing the rest of the building. It features a 36 channel Sony MCI recording console, an Avid ProTools HDX system and a excellent selection of outboard gear. In addition, it's wired directly into Studio 2 and utilizes all of the same microphones available in Studio 1. 

Control B captures the vibe of the classic Grateful Dead "warehouse recording studio". Making interesting & challenging recordings possible while retaining the high fidelity so important to artists and audiences alike.

Equipment list


Sony [MCI] MXP-3000 36 channel analog desk

w/John Hardy Mic Pres

/Uptown automation.

API 8200A Summing Mixer

API Channel Strip [x2]


Avid ProTools HDX|1 w/ 16x16 HD I/O

Studer A820 2” 24 Track w/Dolby SR

Studer A820 ¼”  2 Track Analog Recorder w/TC

Nagra IV S TC ¼” 2 Track Analog Recorder w/TC


Meyer HD-1 [Nearfields]

Rudson Mix Cubes


API 2500 Buss Compressor

Urei 1176 LN [x2]

FMR RNC [x2]

DBX 903 Compressor/Limiter [x4]

Reverbs & Delays

Lexicon Model 200

Lexicon Model 300

Lexicon PCM-70

T.C. Electronic 2290 [x2]

T.C. Electronic 1280

Quantec QRS XLII [x2]

AKG BX-20 Spring Reverb

Orban Stereo Synthesizer

Cutler Panner [x2]

Little Labs VOG [x2]